Smoking Or Vaping And Insurance Premium – How Are They Interconnected

The insurance industry will consider the smoking habit of their clients as a high-risk activity. Even if you enjoy vaping and not smoking traditional cigarettes, the insurance company will enlist you as a smoker in their documents.

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Vaping and Insurance 

Vaping is the best and the most preferred way to get rid of the habit of smoking. Hence, many smokers prefer vaping e-cigs over smoking traditional cigarettes and cigars. However, the insurance companies will still enlist you as a smoker. You can find just two categories in the insurance company, one, you are a smoker, and two, you are not.

You can become a non-smoker in the documentation of your insurance company, only if you pass the nicotine test. Hence, you cannot use patches, inhalers, gums, e-cigarettes, etc., and anything else that can list you as a smoker.

The best way of enjoying vaping and yet escaping the nicotine or tobacco test is by choosing CBD vaping oil. It will not leave behind any traces of the supplement in your blood and you can enjoy vaping the healthy liquid that comes with many medicinal benefits.

Vaping is considered as the safer way of inhaling the liquid of your favourite flavours, when compared with the smoking of cigars and cigarettes. The Public Health England Services have also declared vaping as the 95% safer way of inhaling healthy CBD vaping oil when compared with the smoking of tobacco or nicotine.

Getting the Lower Insurance Policy 

Normally, when you come under the radar of the insurance company as a smoker, you are supposed to pay the double premium that a non-smoker pays for his premium. Hence, the best way to avoid all these hassles is by choosing to quit smoking. The earlier you initiate the idea of quitting smoking, the earlier your blood will be cleansed from the toxic substances.

Can You Lie in Your Insurance Form? 

You are required to provide the results of your blood test stating that you are clean from nicotine or tobacco or other such toxic substances. If you lie in your form and your blood test results show the presence of toxic substances in your body, then your insurance claim will become invalid.

Instead of ending up with no insurance, it is suggested to be clear with your habits in the insurance form. You might obtain an insurance policy with a lower premium, but with the idea of quitting smoking, your insurance premium can be upgraded in the future to the next best thing.

Instead of relying on cigarettes and cigars, start vaping. The vaping juices will not be as much concentrated as the cigarettes, and hence they will not leave behind any traces in the blood.