Common Causes that Heat the Vape Pen and Tank and Remedies to Avoid it

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Vape pen is an electrical device that works on battery and power. The power vaporizes e-liquid and converts it into smoke which is inhaled. No doubt the smoke that burns turns the vape pen hot. The same may happen with the vape tank. If you vape a lot for a longer time you will notice that the tank is getting hot. However, sometimes you may notice that the pen is getting hotter than usual.

Common Causes of Hot Vape Pen

Hot Coils

When you press the button for the vape pen, the coils heat up. If the coils are sub-ohm then they will produce more heat which is transferred to the tank. This heat will make the pen and the tank hot, if you experience more heat than usual, then set longer gaps between two vapes.

Coil Gunk

Sometimes the e-liquid or vape juice can make the vape pen hot. If the vape juice contains more sweetener or sugar content, it will caramelize and stick to the wick or coil, or chamber. The coil will be unable to vaporize the juice properly but will burn the juice in the proper amount. Finally, the smoke will sit in the tank and make it hotter.

Restricted Flow

If the airflow is closed from everywhere then there is hardly any space for air to move towards the coils from outside. There is no movement of heat so it all settles in the tank making it hotter. The best way to control the heat is by opening the airflows.

Chain Vaping

When you vape or puff one after another without giving break, you are not giving time to the battery and tank to cool down. This can make the tank and pen hotter. To avoid hotness, maintain a decent gap between vapes.


Overcharging the battery can also make the pen hot. Most e-cigs have overcharge protection, but it is not wise to leave them on charge for long. The charging of vape pens is similar to mobile phones. If the battery gets too hot to touch, then you should remove it from charging immediately. Thus, never leave your vape pen unattended while charging.


Even if you have removed the vape from charging to avoid getting hot there are still chances that it will still get hot while using it. When you’re vaping, you are using the battery to heat the vape juice. If you vape for long, the battery has to work till that time. The function is similar to that of a cell phone. If you use your phone for a long time, its battery starts heating up, similar is with the vape pen.

If your vape pen is still heating, then stop vaping, and remove it from heat sources. Contact the smoke shop or customer service of the brand to get it checked.