Six Clever Techniques To Keep Your Bra From Chafing At The Gym

Do you have a bra that digs in at the sides all the time? This is not only unpleasant and annoying, but it may also be painful! Here are six sensible ways to prevent your Fantasie bra from chafing at the sides.

There are several reasons why a bra may chafe at the sides, but each of these issues has a remedy. Here are our top six recommendations for making your bra feel more comfortable on the sides.

1st Tip – The Band Size Should Not Be Too Small

The most common cause of chafing at the sides of a bra is because the band that wraps around the body is overly tight. The band is too tight if you have difficulty taking deep breaths or feel pressure on your ribs. After a day’s usage, the band should not irritate the skin. The band should be able to be pulled away from the body around 5 cm, or else it is too tight.

2nd Tip – Avoid Pinching The Breast Tissue

The cup is too small if the underwire pinches the breast tissue. The underwire should be placed on the side of the breast rather than on the breast itself. Increase the cup size by one or more sizes while maintaining the same band circumference.

3rd Tip – A Broad Back Chafes Less

Some bras with extremely narrow and thin bands may not offer adequate support; they might bunch up and cut in. Consider a bra with a broader back for more support and stability. Our versions with broad backs may be found here.

4th Tip – Side Wings

If you have a big circumference and are curvaceous, the band might unpleasantly scrape into your skin. It’s fairly unusual to have a roll of skin dangle over the edge of the bra, irritating or, in the worst-case scenario, agony. In this instance, we recommend trying a bra with an additional side wing along the armpit, which will make the transition between the bra and your skin more comfortable. The side wing not only smooths out any muffin impression,’ but also makes wearing the bra much more comfortable. Our models with side wings may be found here.

5th Tip – Side Bone

Some bra styles have a supporting side bone sewed into the side seam, which can be irritating, especially if you’re curvaceous. Avoid this style of bra in favour of one with no side bones but a broad back.

6th Tip – Swap Out Your Bra Model

If you’re wearing the correct size bra but feel the underwire pressing in at the side under the armpit (or the breastbone), consider a lower underwire or a non-wired type. If you have petite breasts that are closely spaced, the underwire may press into the side of the body under the armpit. Even though your measuring tape and measurement chart state otherwise, the cups in this case are too large for the contour of the breasts! If you have an empty room at the sides of the cups, consider dropping down a cup size and one band size, and then adding a bra extender to the fastening. This will increase the breadth of the back and result in a bra with closer-fitting cups that will probably fit your figure better.