What you should know about coffee tables and why do you need one?

We receive a lot of inquiries, and one of the most prevalent is whether or not you need a coffee table. Any interior designer would tell you that function always comes first. Why make a lovely place if you’re not going to utilize it? That is why it is critical to plan out how you will utilize a space before you begin buying. In your living room, you’ll most likely be watching television, hosting visitors, and relaxing with family. It’s a space designed to be relaxing.

Come to the Katrina coffee table. It’s the most significant element in your living room after your seating since it houses beverages, your remote, reading material, and is a place to put your feet up. Every living room needs one, and we’re here to guide you through the factors to consider before purchasing one.

1. Coffee table dimensions

We usually utilize our room planner tool to plan a space before buying, and you should do the same if you’re outfitting your living room. Your coffee table should be 14-18 inches away from any seats gathered around it, and no closer than 24 inches. So, assuming you’ve planned out your floorplan, you should be able to determine the size of your coffee table.

2. Consider the form

Different locations and layouts need different forms, but here’s something to consider. Square or rectangular layouts work well for more closed-off layouts.

If your living room is a pass-through and you’ll be going around the coffee table often, circular is a good choice.

We prefer to balance round and square forms in a room, so if the majority of your furniture is square (imagine a couch with tuxedo arms, a square fireplace, and square side tables), a circular coffee table offers balance. If your furniture has curving arms, a large round mirror, and round side tables, a square or rectangle side table fits nicely. It all comes down to balance.

3. Complete the room

No room should have the same finish on every surface, so a coffee table, like a form, may be a method to add something fresh to your area. If your sofa has a nubby fabric or other rustic aspects, a glossy or shining coffee table will complement that rough feel. If you’ll be watching tv in your living room, consider a finish that you don’t mind placing your feet on, such as somewhat aged wood or an upholstered ottoman.

4. Decorating your coffee table

Consider accessories once you’ve chosen your coffee table. You’ll probably want to allow plenty of space in a family room where you’re watching TV for propping up feet and putting beverages. A coffee table with a lower shelf works well in these areas because it allows you to store books and trays beneath while still providing plenty of space on top.

Keep all accessories low to the ground so you can see over the top of them. Anything too tall will obstruct your eyesight.

Add necessities like reading material, a tissue box, coasters, a remote control box, a candle, matchbooks, or anything else you’ll use regularly.