How Does A Hidden Blockage Damage Your House From Inside?

Who does not love their house? If you would know how much damage your ignorance causes to your beloved home, you would stop doing them immediately. The worst part of discovering damage to your house is that since the damage is already been caused, it is too late to prevent it. Blocked drains cause a lot of hidden damage to your house.

The drainage system is one of the unnoticed areas of the home which is often ignored while cleaning. A blocked drain can be caused by multiple reasons. Debris, small objects, grease, etc. might build up in the drain and clog the passage. This lets to blockage in the drain. Blockage can also lead to the backflow of dirty water.

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Ramifications of a hidden blockage

  • Unpleasant smell– when a drain is blocked, it starts to accumulate water and waste in the pipe. This stagnant water starts to stink and spread a very obnoxious smell in the house. Oftentimes, this smell becomes unbearable and causes headaches and nausea in people. The smell created by waste is not absorbed by water or moisture.
  • Deterioration to health– the blocked drain serves as a breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. These bacteria and microbes are responsible for a battery of allergies and even lung infections among people. If the homeowners come in contact with this water, it can even lead to skin allergies. The risk aggrandizes if you have young children at home who tend to put everything in their mouths.
  • Damage to the house’s structure– the backflow of the water is soaked up by the foundation of the house. This causes the foundation of the house to get weakened and in certain extreme cases, may lead to flooding of the house. This might damage the walls of the house. The bacterial growth is bad for the house.
  • Moulds and pests– still stagnant water is the perfect abode for pests and moulds. Mosquitoes are especially attracted to stagnant water. They lay their eggs in such water and this might lead to the spreading of diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. since the cabinets and floor absorb moisture, they will grow mould.


Taking care of your home is very important and it is even more important to discover the hidden damages in a timely fashion otherwise you would end up paying a lot for an issue that could have been fixed easily.